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The Deerpark Band program is having a pancake breakfast fundraiser on 8/28 from 8am-10am at the Lakeline Applebees. Tickets are $6, and $4 of that goes directly to the band program.

It's the start of a new year, with two new band directors, and they arrived to find the budget nearly gone.
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Do you happen to know where the budget went?
The new band directors have no idea why there was no money, or where it went.

There was a fiasco last year with the head band director, and they had a temp and the assistant in charge, and then they both left too.

That's all they told us at the meeting.
So, found out where the budget went, it's held up somewhere in the district. The district allocates money to each program, and (in this case) the band directors are supposed to submit a budget for approval the year before, and then once it's approved, the money gets transferred to them.

Since the band directors both left(one unexpectedly, and one expectedly but having spent almost 1/2 the year trying to fill both parts) nobody submitted a budget for this year.

once the new band directors submit the budget, they'll get the funds that come from the school(and taxes.)
Also, at the meeting they announced that the school is down a french horn from a house fire last year. Just two years ago they bought new horns, and whoever had the instrument didn't insure it and didn't pay for a replacement. Grr.