truffle (stickcow) wrote,

it's begining to look a bit like christmas...

Started moving furniture around to figure out where to put the tree. Now the front sitting room feels like a hallway, except the HUGE brassero is in the middle. I really wish my brother would move out, so he could take it with him. Need to get rid of the stacks of magazines and junk mail.

Started making paper snowflakes for the front windows. Apparently my "like this!" *fold fold fold, cut cut cut* "see!" instructions were not helpful. Marilyn got upset with me because she couldn't understand my instructions, and I've been making them so long I have no idea how to explain how to make them. A friend posted a how to video to my facebook wall, hopefully that'll help.

Then, in the OMG COLD, I went to harvest my mistletoe. I found my silver handled knife, but decided making waving it around in the dark wasn't such a good idea, and it's supposed to be gold anyway. So, I dug out my warm coat, and wandered over to my hackberry tree, and realized that most of the mistletoe was higher than I remembered. I managed to snag a small peice WITH BERRIES, and then realized I needed to be taller, so I grabbed a long peice of wood. I managed to knock some nice sized bunches loose, but they dropped to the round before Icould catch them. Finally on the third wack I managed to catch a peice, so now it's hanging above my door.

Little steps, right?
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