furniture for sale

I have 4 wooden thrones, need refinishing, but nice sturdy chairs. 25 each, obo.

I also have a sunburst brassero table. 300,. it's a huge octagon, with a metal bowl in the middle for hot coals. we always used it for storage since it's empty in the middle. very unique piece.

I also have a hutch in the same dark imposing style that will probably be available later this summer.

i can post pictures if there's any interest.

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looking for a bass amp

Nic has some mild interest in learning to play the bass, and I have an old electric bass sitting around, but no amp.

Looks like guitar center sells the fender rumble 15 used for $40, but the shipping almost doubles it.

Anyone local have one or a similar entry model amp for under $50?

Also, I have an old midi keyboard that needs a home, I can look up the model number if somebody is interested. It's Chuck's from when he took piano lesson,s and I'm pretty sure it has full sized keys. Would also be willing to trade.

it's begining to look a bit like christmas...

Started moving furniture around to figure out where to put the tree. Now the front sitting room feels like a hallway, except the HUGE brassero is in the middle. I really wish my brother would move out, so he could take it with him. Need to get rid of the stacks of magazines and junk mail.

Started making paper snowflakes for the front windows. Apparently my "like this!" *fold fold fold, cut cut cut* "see!" instructions were not helpful. Marilyn got upset with me because she couldn't understand my instructions, and I've been making them so long I have no idea how to explain how to make them. A friend posted a how to video to my facebook wall, hopefully that'll help.

Then, in the OMG COLD, I went to harvest my mistletoe. I found my silver handled knife, but decided making waving it around in the dark wasn't such a good idea, and it's supposed to be gold anyway. So, I dug out my warm coat, and wandered over to my hackberry tree, and realized that most of the mistletoe was higher than I remembered. I managed to snag a small peice WITH BERRIES, and then realized I needed to be taller, so I grabbed a long peice of wood. I managed to knock some nice sized bunches loose, but they dropped to the round before Icould catch them. Finally on the third wack I managed to catch a peice, so now it's hanging above my door.

Little steps, right?

where's my holiday spirit?

I have no desire to take the tree and decorations out.

I haven't baked any cookies.

I went to papersource, and didn't feel inspired to make cards.

I didn't make arrangements to have pictures of the kids done.

I'm feeling very ho hum about the gift ideas for the kids.

Don't feel like planning a menu for christmas.

But, I clearly need to get off my butt and do SOMETHING, because Lina is 3, and very excited for christmas, and for Santa to come.

Lina vs The Alphabet

Yesterday I picked up an alphabet puzzle for Lina, where there are pictures under where the letter goes.

Under Y there was a ball of yarn, and she told me "that's rope" and I said "it's yarn, yarn starts with Y" and she replied back "Yope starts with Y"


The Deerpark Band program is having a pancake breakfast fundraiser on 8/28 from 8am-10am at the Lakeline Applebees. Tickets are $6, and $4 of that goes directly to the band program.

It's the start of a new year, with two new band directors, and they arrived to find the budget nearly gone.

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Lina is currently obsessed with letters. She asks you to draw them, and then she scribbles over them for a bit, and asks for another. E still seems to be her favorite, but she'll throw in o, a, r and a few others.