truffle (stickcow) wrote,

fuck sprint

Last night I went online and ordered a new phone. I wanted something purple with gps. Chuck said get the blackberry, I was not thrilled with the idea, but figured I'd try it out anyway, insure of how the rant or lotus would hold up(one being a slider phone and the other being a flip phone.)

After mail-in rebate the new phone would be 79.99.

This morning I was telling my friend, and he said it was listed on sprint's webpage at 49.99 after rebate.

It did, but it said my order had shipped.

I called them and was told I could not have the new price. That if I did not want the phone I could refuse the delivery, but I would be charged a $35 restocking fee. Also I would not be eligible for the low price because I had already upgraded.

I got home and got the shipping notification which said they had shipped me a BLACK phone, but that there was only a restocking fee on activated phones.

Chuck calls them, because now it says it is the wrong phone(They only offer red and amethyst on the webpage, why was it saying they shipped a black one?)

The woman on the phone said that they call it black because it is almost black, but that since it is not the red one it must be the amethyst.

They told him the same thing about the fee, and then when he pointed out the email said "for activated phones" she took back her statement. Then he asked if the item had shipped yet, and she said it was still in the warehouse, but that they could not cancel the shipment.

She also stated that she could not do anything to help him, and could not transfer him to a supervisor. Eventually she transferred him to somebody in billing. She was not anymore helpful.

So, once UPS has the phone I can call them and tell them we want to refuse the shipment and see if they can just send it back before they get here. Our UPS guy puts the box down, rings the bell and gets back in his truck before we can ever get to the door. If he leaves it here we can call Sprint and they will send us a tag to ship it back. Once UPS shows it as having been delivered back to sprint we can then call them and get them to reset the upgrade option. Then I can order the phone again.

Both deals come with free overnight shipping for the new phone. So they're going to pay to overnight me the same phone twice because they can not refund the $30 to my card or credit it to our account.
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