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keeping my feet firmly planted in reality

nothing to see here, move along

22 November 1976
i'm 34 and married. I have three children, three cats, four chickens, and a dog.

I'm an INTP. A sagitarius on the scorpio cusp.

I am trying to get over my fear of color in my wardrobe and my house. (ok, now that i've been colored, I am working on organizing and decluttering, my house and my head)
Still working on the decluttering, but making huge strides. June of 2010 we moved to a smaller house, which helped speed things along.

One day soon I hope to wake up after getting enough sleep. After recent surgery I wake up feeling almost human. I'm not sure really when that had happened before.

My darling Volvo, Jim has a new family now. I'm now on my third replacement, a lovely ford focus named Jane. She's not quite as fun to drive, but she's reliable.